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Salsa Cowchipper: Installing and riding (video)

Swapping out handlebars is by far one the most effective and economical upgrades one can make to their bike. For a relatively small investment, the change in feel and comfort can be dramatic. In fact, changing out bars can almost make it feel like you’re riding a whole new bike.

A few weeks ago, I picked up and installed some Salsa Cowchippers on my Marin Four Corners. I was looking for something a little wider then the stock bars on the Marin, as well as a higher degree of flair, and more compact drops. The Cowchippers are a well-reviewed favourite among the all-road drop bar community, and at 44 cm wide, with a huge 24 degrees of flare, they fit my specifications perfectly.

The additional comfort and stability was immediately noticeable. The extra width provides more control, particularly when riding in the flared out drops. After a few weeks on these bars, I’m really digging the feel. The only other thing I’d be interested in trying is an even wider version of this bar. Salsa now makes them up to 52 cm!

I put together a little edit of installing the bars, then riding them for the first time on some trails out at Thetis Lake. There are lots of different angles of the bars, and some first-person riding footage to give you a sense of how they look and feel on the bike. Check it out below!

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