Web Development

Check out some example projects I've built on CodePen.

I have been interested in building websites since I was in highschool in the early 2000's. I learned how to use Microsoft FrontPage, taught myself HTML, learned the fundementals of web-hosting, and began building websites for myself and my friends. Eventually I got into content management systems and Wordpress, where I dabbled in CSS.

My interest in web development lead me into several jobs over the years, managing and maintaining large websites, almost entirely with content management systems. Recently, I've been working on advancing my basic HTML and CSS knowledge to a more advanced level, completing the FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design course, and I'm currently taking the FreeCodeCamp Javascript Algorithms and Data Structure course.

The above are example web apps I built during the FCC Web Design course, using HTML and CSS.

I currently have the ability to create well designed, responsive websites with HTML and CSS, and I'm looking forward to adding more Javascript to my work in the near future.

I'd love to help bring your next web project to reality.
Please get in touch.